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Customer focused. Mission focused. We help build solutions that live and breathe within your company by bridging the world of strategy and design. At Carbon Labs, we work with you in understanding today’s experiences to help build tomorrow’s possibilities. 

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Karin Schmidlin, MDM

User Experience

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Dr. Nada Basir, PhD

Business Strategy

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The Carbon Approach

Engaging. Embedded. Transformative.

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Our Philosophy: We love big data. It gives us a great picture of the ‘what’. But we think the real magic happens when big data is combined with ‘little data’.

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Design Strategy

We believe in good design and strong business rationale. We embed this with rigorous research, a human-centered philosophy, and the marriage of empathy and economics.

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Empowering Spaces

Process. That’s where most companies focus when building innovative and creative companies. People. That’s where we start.

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We believe in the power of collisions.
The friendly kind.
The collision of ideas, people, industries.

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